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Specially for those who don't want a long read our user agreement, we will publish a short list of rules service Getbet, which is an integral part of the said agreement and complements it.

Getbet not the organizer of gambling and betting. Our company does not create a betting - all bets created by users for users, so the service is not subject to the law on gambling

# 1 you must have only one account

Each user should have only one account. We fully support the international law in the field of money-laundering and the financing of terrorism, therefore following very closely to ensure that each account belonged to one person.

Please be careful-our moderators have the right to request verification of your account with the help of documents proving your identity. We guarantee that this information is stored in encrypted form and is not passed on to third parties.

In case you will not be able to provide such documents, we shall have the right to freeze your account to fix this situation.

# 2 No insults, humiliation and discrimination

We do not support the humiliation, indignity and other discrimination some other users. That is why we accept various control measures with respect to persons who commit such acts.

# 3 Only clear bet

Please ask clear questions in your betting. For example, "Which country will win the gold in the World Cup in 2015 year?". As you can see, this question gives you a clear understanding and goals and designation of the subject of the dispute. Versions of answers (bids) to this bet shall be the same like: "Brazil", "Germany", "Italy", etc.

We don't encourage bets with indistinct options of rates; which have subjective estimative character; which results aren't expressed in the exact or objective fact of the approach of an event. Please, read this post to understand what we mean.

# 4 financial responsibility

Getbet is a service that allows users to make and participate in betting for real cash. GetBet disclaims all responsibility for possible winnings and losses of the users.