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Bet on money: how to play it successful

2017-01-02 16:31

Hi! In our today's article we would like to answer one of the main question that bothers most of our users - how to bet on money and how to make bet has brought pleasure to his parties.

Below we have prepared a selection of key tips that will be useful both for beginners and experienced users. For your convenience, we broke out into small chapters:

  1. Clearly stipulate the object of the bet
  2. Ask each of its outcomes
  3. Ask what you argue
  4. Check the start date and the end of the bet
  5. Get witnesses

Clearly stipulate the object of the bet

One of the main mistakes - wrong and specified by the object of the bet. It often seems that all parties understand each other and the theme that was his reason, but after some time and evaluate the bet itself, often there is an understanding that the parties meant almost the different events.

This can occur as unintentionally and deliberate reason (especially those like abusing dishonest participants who are losing, or have already lost the bet and concludedthat start "playing with words" and interpretations, in order not to comply with the terms of the dispute or did not pay the money). It is precisely to avoid such incidents and prevent them from bamboozle you, we advise you and speak clearly the objectof the bet and the situation around which it occurs up to situations that preclude it.

Check each of the outcomes

A second equally important moment - bet outcomes, i.e. what, in your opinion, and should happen as a result. Again, to ensure "transparency" of your competition, do to each of its participants clearly outlined their common position that, in his view, should happen.

Tip: "the devil is in the details", so don't get attached strongly to the fact in detail exactly what is going to happen an event and how and then this happens. Remember that in most cases, the goal of any dispute is something that should, and not how it happens.

Ask what you argue

Of course, any bet will be more exciting if it is matched by any material or non-material "interest" on the part of its participants. This can be arranged earlier desire, action, and, often, and a certain amount of money or other valuables.

Come to this point after careful consideration and let your emotions take precedence over reason. Bet on the only what you not much sorry to leave or lose if you defeat. Yes, there are moments when it is worth to go "all-in", but believe me - in these moments you have to be 100% sure in their victory and that anyone whatsoever could not affect the outcome of the bet.

Check the start date and the end

Another point that is worth paying attention to timing bet and the date from which it begins and ends. Many artful hustlers do not recognize his defeat, saying that "we did not specify when this should happen, and suddenly this happen a year from now?". To avoid this trap, we advise in advance all dates and be sure that they understand everything.

Get witnesses

This simple tip pursues two goals:

  1. Third-party you refer people who are aware of your bet and its terms, and, if necessary, will be able to make it "an arbitrator";
  2. You can involve in the bet of new participants, making it even more fun and massive!

Hope this collection of tips will be useful for you. Be careful, don't fall for the strong emotions and always soberly evaluate your (and others ') chances to win-this is theguarantee of victories in any bets!

Good luck!