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Bet on money: how to play it successful

Hi! In our today's article we would like to answer one of the main question that bothers most of our Getbet restarted!

Hello everyone! A year has passed since the last news in this blog that you couldn't read because the Getbet project was shelved.

And a year ago was created a bet to win Donald Trump in the presidential election. We do not doubt in his victory. Although ... in the final, when passions peaked, we thought that Clinton's system take precedence over the desire of Americans to be open to change. We was wrong.

As you know, Trump has already visited in his future residence and his inaugu ...

Getbet will be closed

Hello! We would like to inform all users of the bad news - Getbet project pauses indefinitely. We will tell you a little background, the consequence of which is the decision.

New features - "Report"

Now on each bet page you can find the button "Report" by clicking on that you will see a window where you can select a cause and specify a comment that you want our moderators have turned their attention to the dispute.

Examples of references:

  • Early due date.
  • Problems with bets options.
  • Incorrect image or content.
  • Another reason that deserves the attention of the moderators.

Don't be shy - we need your help! Now you can take a direct par ...

Multilingual feeds

Special for multilingual users we added this features - now you can select the language for your bets feed. Click on "Language" button and choose what you want.

Getbet Team

Added detailed balance

Hello! Today we added a new feature that is associated with the balance of the users. Now, the opposite balance appeared link "details" by clicking on that you can see exactly what is your balance:

There two types of sub-balance:

  • own funds, which you can do whatever you like: create bets o ...

Confirmation bet added

Hello, everyone! According to numerous requests from our users, we have added a small pop-up warning that for which option you want to vote in the bet. Now when you click on the chosen option, you will see a pop-up window in which it will be necessary to confirm the chosen option.

We did this on purpose in order to eliminate the error of random clicks and clicking on the option that you did not choose. Enjoy the fun!

Always yours, Getbet Team

Refactoring 2.0

Hi! Behind this strange words hiding for more than two weeks of work of our programmers who rewrote most of the code Getbet, making it more reliable and fast.

We greatly optimize the process of program code, thereby able to increase system performance by more than three times, and website load time decreased to less than one second. Now use Getbet become easier, simpler and faster.

We have also strengthened additional protection to the functions associated with the user balan ...

We officially launched!

Hooray! Congratulations to all concerned to bets around the world - we are officially launched!

Since the inception of the idea to this day it took about six months. During this time we completely rewrote the system of our site, and change the design of the approach to the rules of the dispute on the site.

Written more than ten thousand lines of code, hundreds of models of design, prototyping, technical specifications and documents.

We had more than 100 liters of cocoa (whic ...

We launched Bets collections!

Today we happy to share a very interesting news for you - we launched "Bets collections"!

Bets collections this is a special selection of most interesting and exciting bets, sorted by type or genre: ceremonies, events, persons etc. Each collection made by the hands of our content managers from thousands of users bets and you can sure, that bets from each collection will be transparent and fair.

You can find bets collection on the home page or some categories pages.

Hop ...