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Getbet legally

Getbet 100% legal

According to the message we would like to explain to all visitors of this site legal and legitimate party related to the provision of the Getbet site services for users.

This is to inform that the site, as well as another derivative Getbet service, is not the organizer of gambling or betting services for the following reasons:

  • All bets, published on this website are created only by users and only for users;
  • Getbet Inc. administration and representatives do not participate in the creation and placement of any bets;
  • Getbet Inc. company is not interested in the outcome (results) of these bets;
  • the results of the users bets doesn't depend on our site and platform and we can not influence their obvious offensive.

Getbet is a technological online platform that give a technical functionality for users.

In addition:

  • Getbet use 2-step user verification for all users (before recharge and before withdrawal) - ID and credit card scans;
  • We store all user information in an encrypted format;
  • We use SSL technology for establishing an encrypted link between our server and users;
  • We use manual moderation for all users bets;
  • When we find suspicion, we will cancel and refund the money to the participants;
  • We use 7 days money freeze for any withdrawal.
  • 1 user = 1 account. Always and for everyone.
  • No Bitcoins. No money laundry.

Is Getbet regulated by the state or federal government?

Bets between persons is not currently regulated by the federal government or any state government.

Is Getbet considered legalized gambling?

Bets between persons not regulated or not prohibited by US and Europe law.

Does Getbet support the regulation of bets?

We always open to any discussion. If you have any questions, please ask us via