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On this page you will find the most popular questions about Getbet service work.

Tell briefly, about what your service?

Getbet is service which allows anyone to create and start a bet on anything. Participants of service are completely free in a bet subject choice, as well as in the sum of rates which in them will become.

How it works?

  1. Anyone can be registered on this page
  2. Anyone can create own bet on this page, having specified an accurate question (a bet essence), having offered versions of the answer to it, and also having specified an expiration date of a bet and cost of one rate.
  3. For confirmation and activation of own bet you need to make the first rate in it on that option which seems to you advantageous.
  4. To invite the friends, acquaintances for participation in your bet. We also give the chance to receive from it additional benefit - we share a half of our profit with everyone who will bring the new participant who will win at least one bet! Details of the partner program.
  5. To expect a rate expiration date on which you will be notified by e-mail.
  6. Free of charge to vote for that version of the answer which won in your bet and to expect manual moderation of your bet. We do it for additional check of your bet and this vote isn't the only thing from conditions therefore don't try to deceive the moderator or system.

It is legal?

Absolutely. Our site is not the organizer of the gambling - we only provide reliable and secure platform for betting between the users of the system who are not subject to the law on gambling. The current law has no treats betting between individuals and not defines them as an object of restraining law. Read our Agreement for more information.

How you protect money of participants?

Good question. This is a money, and we use some extents of automatic protection and manual check of each bet.

Look. We should explain your something before. When you refill money to your account, you send your real money to our partner - Stripe. This is a trusted payment merchant, which used in Kickstarter, Twitter and many other global services. Stripe hold and save this money on their bank account and nobody can use this money.

When you refill your account, your adding "play money" on your balance in GetBet. This is not a real money, but we consider and analyze these amounts for all payments inside system. When you request a withdrawal we check your balance history and confirm payment.

As you understand, even if somebody account will be hacked, we check all operations and user data before withdrawal. Don't worry about this.

We use many additional ways to control all bets. Also, even users help us! For example, we ask all participants of a bet to vote for the won option is a vote adds one factor to making decision on an advantageous rate.

In addition, we use system of check of approach of an event by date and a source that helps to cut and return to participants to us even those rates which were made before approach of an expiration date of a bet.

For example, the FIFA World Cup was finished for three days earlier (theoretically, such can be) and results of final game became known in advance. Our system allows keeping a bet active, but to cut and return all rates, which were, made how the result of game became known earlier, than was declared.

How to me to be registered in your service?

It is enough to follow the link of registration, having specified the reliable contact information on which the letter from confirmation will be sent. We deliberately made similar registration since your e-mail will be used for a timely and continuous communication with you for the notice you about an actual status of your bets and rates.

How do you make money?

We charge a 10% affiliate commission for the moderation and maintenance of your bet with the amount of each net winnings. If your net gain is $ 10, then we keep hold of $1 for our services and will credit your account on $ 9.

How I learn about, whether my rate or a bet won?

You can learn about the statuses of your rates and bet in two ways:

  1. On the All your bids page.
  2. By means of notifications which will send to your e-mail.

I won, but I can't remove the won money from service

Don't worry if you want to remove money right after a prize, and has to be. We "freeze" all means won by participants for small time (usually of days to two), for additional check on lack of any signs of breaking or fraud.