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The current agreement revision is dated 10/28/2015, and all previous agreement revisions can be considered are cancelled.

Being registered on this site or in its derivatives (various official applications, additions, the affiliated sites) and using them, you agree with this user agreement. In case of disagreement or availability of any factors interfering legal use of the Getbet services according to this agreement you are obliged to stop use of the Getbet services.


Adopting this agreement, the user confirms that will use service only with the purposes of making of rates and betting, periodic prizes and (or) losses, and these purposes don't contradict terms of this agreement, rules of service and the current legislation of the country of the user.

We warn in advance that this agreement can be processed, added and changed at any time on what users of service are without fail notified by means of the publication of these changes on the site and in its derivatives. Before each use of the site the user shall study this agreement and accept it, otherwise stop service use.

General provisions

By this agreement it is established that the Getbet Inc company and all its components aren't the direct organizer, the founder, the participant or the distributor of any rates or bet. All rates or a bet are created and exclusively by users for users.

The existing international legislation doesn't treat the organization of a bet by physical persons between physical persons in any way and doesn't determine them as object of the prohibitive right.

By this agreement it is established that the place of making of all rates, a bet and other actions of users in system is determined by location of the server and technical part of service - the United Kingdom Great Britain.

Users and accounts

The ability to create and use the accounts, as well as to take any other form of participation in services and its derivatives may be any natural or legal person, who has reached the age of majority, which is officially installed in a country or state location.

The user is entitled to use for authentication any e-mail and password, to which he has access. The service is taking all measures to safeguard user passwords (for example, we store them in encrypted form). At the same time, we cannot accept any responsibility for the security of passwords and their use of other persons, in full.

Terms of service we establish that every user has the right to make and use only one account in the system. Clarify in advance what Service does not merge user accounts that belong to one or a group of persons or internal money transfers between accounts.

In case of detection of the user(s) multiple accounts; we may begin the process of user identification, as immediately notify user. At this time, the Administration may (but is not obligated to) block all accounts (or all but one on the user's choice). If, within a period of 28 days does not inform the user about which only he will use the account in the system, the system automatically selects the highest account balance and make it the only user account. Emphasize that the remaining user accounts blocked funds from blocked accounts are non-refundable and listed on a single balance system.

A user account contains a user's balance, which indicates the amount of money the user in the service, which can be both positive and negative balance.

To identify users in the service, we may periodically request the identity of users and a variety of documents to prove the identity of the user.

Any user has the right to personally announce the suspension of your account. Before performing this operation user balance must not contain a negative value funds. Any bets or wagers will be completed within the period and the results of such wagers will be reflected in the user's balance sheet. Any user has the right to request the renewal of your account.

Deposit, withdrawal of funds

Implementing deposit and withdrawal in the service, you acknowledge the fact, who are doing this only to betting creation within the service. Any other activities associated with placement and use of funds within the service for other purposes will be treated as actions not in accordance with the terms of this agreement and the rules of the service and may entail restrictions in the operation of your account.

Please note that you must provide a document (s) of the individual whose data match the data of the payment requisites (numbers and names on cards, account numbers, and other details) on which you intend to withdraw money.

Note-in case of failure we suspend implementation of withdrawal and other account activity prior to receipt of the necessary information and confirmation of data.

Service provides input and output balance cash users using services of PayPal and Stripe, which require the corresponding custom props.

We inform you that PayPal charges a money fee from each renewal balance transaction. User's balance is replenished with the amount they refill minus renewal PayPal fee.

Time the application takes one to five working days, but, if other circumstances impeding the rapid and timely consideration, is not limited to this period and additional actions, for example, related to personal identity, but not only.

Bets, voices

Any user has the right to take part in the betting. We remind you that each bet from each user can only be placed like one bet on his behalf. Placing bets on the amount for bets are wagers is possible only in the presence of the Sumy on the user's balance, which will be deducted from the user's account.

We prohibit the use of any methods that allow users to wrongfully and bypassing various means of service systems to charge on your account any amount of money or place bets.

At the specified time, wagering bet creator may collect from users of the bets on the specified creator options for the amount (s) specified as the rate (s) for this bet. Number of bets and one pot bet is not limited.

Per day until the end of the bet, the system suspends acceptance of bets and goes into standby mode with user mode then vote, which is not an absolute source for information about winning and factor influencing the definition of winning.

Moderator using the site or system shall have the right to ask all participants wager confirmation or evidence of rates, which, in their view, is winning. The final decision on determining the successful voice remains for moderator service.

Service and moderators have the right to summarize the dispute beforehand, cancel the dispute to extend it or to perform some other action, without the consent of users if circumstances contribute to do this.

Service shall have the right to review the results of any bet and to reallocate funds paid users as winnings, if circumstances are identified, confirming the fact of erroneous selection of winning voices and determine the winners.

Service charge a fee with each winner of any bet that is equal to 10% of net winnings user. Cancellation fee occurs at the time of distribution between the winning parties to bet and win before the balance of the user.

Attention! Service does not return user rates in all types of betting and also assumes no responsibility for the validity of the any bets.

The service also has the right to exercise early debrief bet if soldiers are factors contributing to this.

Service may at any time cancel the deal violates the terms of this agreement and the rules of the service.

Service shall have the right to fix any bets using the trimming function on the time during which the system is in automatic mode cancels all made after a certain date rates all participants of a particular bet.

Warning, freezing, locking

You and your account may be given a warning, but it can also be frozen and locked by a decision of the authority for the following reasons:

  • Violation of the rules for use of the service
  • Use the service for any purpose other than placing bets or bets organization
  • Attempts to exploit vulnerabilities, hacker attack
  • Insulting other users

The decision to abolish the restrictions imposed shall be adopted individually administration service.


Service provides complete anonymity all user rates and their amounts in the framework of the provision of services to users. At the same time, the service disclaims responsibility for force majeure, which include hacking and other types of software attacks. At the same time, the service provides a range of measures to protect and preserve the confidentiality of all users, and no personal information may not be disclosed or otherwise officially disclosed to third parties.

Technical responsibility

The service is part of the code, the Administration therefore disclaims responsibility for the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the system. At the same time, the Administration is taking all measures and efforts to ensure the efficiency of the service.

Financial responsibility

Payment transactions that are associated with the right of replenishment, withdrawal and other monetary transactions in the system are implemented using the following payment systems: PayPal, Stripe, which as part of its obligations to ensure the responsibility of users of the relevant services.

There is a unified service internal currency-dollar (unequal to any public world currency notional unit of in-game currency that is conventionally equal to one United States dollar). At the same time, the internal balance of the user in the user Bank currency happens the payment information used by the user and which are converted to labeled above parity. Simply put, you just buy a internal game currency, which you can convert and convert into real.

You must understand that we expressly disclaim all liability for any financial loss or damage users risks payoff and (or)losing and current consequences behind them and place it on the system users and their actions, committed with it.

The service also disclaims responsibility for tax and other agents associated with calculation, payroll, taxes and other fees or Extras. payments for users.

Force majeure

To force majeure are: effects of restrictive legislation of States and countries, possible technical problems, system vulnerabilities, hacker attacks, resulting in different effects.